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Revised 30 August 2017


(Please note that we have identified some of the sources for the books. We are not recommending these as the only outlets. Some titles have imbedded links that you can click for ordering. You may find some that are less expensive and have a faster delivery service.)

Barlow and Stone editors. Ecological Literacy: Educating our Children for a Sustainable World. Sierra Club Books. 2005 [For students working with children from birth to twelve.]

Berry, Thomas. The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future. Bell Tower. NY 1999
Bohm, David. On Dialogue.  New York: Routledge, 1996 [Needed during first two months of the program.]

Buzan, Tony. The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize your Brain's Potential. The Penguin Group. 1996

Briggs, John and Peat, David. Seven Life Lessons of Chaos. Harper-Collins 1999  [Needed during first two months of the program.]

Capra, Fritjof and Luisi, Pier Luigi.  Systems View of Life. Cambridge University Press 2014 [Resource Text Book]

Fouts, Roger. Next of Kin: What Chimpanzees Have Taught me About Who We Are. William Morrow and Company. 1997

Gang, Philip Snow. Rethinking Education. Dagaz Press. 1989
[Free download from our Virtual Campus Library]

Gang, Philip Snow, To Educate Eco-Sapiens. Vimeo. 2016

Gang, Philip Snow and Morgan, Marsha Snow. Our Planet, Our Home, Dagaz Press. 1988, Rev. 2004

Gang, Philip Snow and Morgan, Marsha Snow, An Introduction to Montessori Radical Education, 2003 [Needed during first two months of the program.] (Available on our eCampus: TIES Commons, Topic 5)

Grazzini, Camillo. The Four Planes of Development. The NAMTA Journal, Vol 21. No 2, Spring 1996

Hahn, Thich Naht. Peace Is Every Step. 1990 (Free pdf)

Krishnamurti. Education and the Significance of Life. Harper & Row. 1953 [this web link as well]

Montessori, Maria. From Childhood to Adolescence* (Not for Emphasis Area Concentration)

Montessori, Maria. Spontaneous Activity in Education* - also known as "The Advanced Montessori Method, Vol 1" (Not for Emphasis Area Concentration)

Montessori, Maria, Education for a New World*

Montessori, Maria. Education and Peace (Chapters 5 and 7)*

Montessori, Maria. To Educate the Human Potential*

Montessori, Maria, The Formation of Man*

Montessori, Maria, The Four Planes of Education (Available Here)

Montessori, Mario, Jr. Education for Human Development*

Montessori, Mario. Human Tendencies in Montessori Education*

*Montessori books available from NAMTA

Morgan, Marsha. An Ecogenesis for Education. 1999 (PDF fine linked to the syllabus.)

Purdue "OWL" Online Writing Lab for APA Referencing for all integrative papers, the research paper and culminating project.

Rogin, Neal, The Awakening Universe DVD  2006 [Needed during first two months of the program.]

Swimme, Brian. Journey of the Universe. Yale University Press. 2011 (We recommend the video as well.)
Uhl, Christopher. Developing Ecological Consciousness. Rowman and Littlefield. 2004 [For students working with adolescents or adults.]

Varela, Francisco, DVD Video "Monte Grande" 2005 (Amazon link)

Waring, Marilyn. Whos Counting. Video. Bullfrog Films. or 1-800-543-3764 Request student Discount [Make sure they know you are a student.] Depending upon where you live it might be found (free) at www.nfb.ca/film/whos_counting

Wheatley, Margaret. Leadership and the New Science. Berrett Koehler. 1992

Highly Recommended Web Sites
Center for Ecoliteracy
Fritjof Capra
Center for the Story of the Universe

Highly Recommended, but not required:
Bridges, William. Transitions. Addison-Wesley. 1980

Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything. Broadway Books. NY 2003 ISBN 0-7679-0817-1

Cosmic Voyage, Narrated by Morgan Freeman. 1996 (Mostly for young people.)

Stewart, Iain. How to Grow a Planet BBC Documentary DVD

Shedlrake, Ruppert. Science Set Free. Random House. 2013

Recommended but not required:
Fullan, Michael. Change Forces: Probing the Depths of Educational Reform Bristol, PA: The Falmer Press

Gang, Philip et al. Conscious Education. IVL Press 1992 [email dotmaver@earthlink.net for availability]

Gatto, John. The Underground History of American Education. Odysseus Group.

Hawken, Paul, Lovins,A. and Lovins H. Natural Capitalism. Little Brown & Co. 1999  ISBN 0-316-35300-0

Heider, John. Tao of Leadership. 1985  ISBN 0-553-25788

Laszlo, Ervin. System View of the World: A Holistic Vision for Our Time. Hampton Press. 1996

Liebes, S., Sahtouris, E. and Swimme, B. A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us.  Foundation for Global Community. 1998

Metzner, Ralph. Green Psychology. Park Street. Rochester, Vermont 1999

Metzner, Ralph. The Unfolding Self. Origin Press. Navato, CA. 1998

Orr, David. Ecological Literacy. State University of New York, 1992

Orr, David. Earth In Mind. Island Press. 1994

Sahtouris, Elisabet.  Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution. Hardcopy and paperback. (ISBN: 0-595-13067-4) or free download here.

Skolimowski, Henryk. The Participatory Mind. Arkana _ Penguin. 1994

Standing, E.M., Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work

Standing, E.M., The Montessori Revolution in Education

Suziki, David, DVD: The Sacred Balance, Four part video produced by Canadian Public Television

Swimme, Brian and Berry, Thomas. The Universe Story. Harper. 1992 ISBN 006-250826-1

Sylwester, Robert. A Biological Brain in a Cultural Classroom. Corwin Press. 2000. (www.corwinpress.com)

Van der Ryn, Som and Cowan, Stewart. Ecological Design. Island Press 1996. ISBN 1-55963-389-1


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