Thomas Berry and Montessori

Coming up soon: Journey to Sacred Montessori (JSM)

In this seminar we will explore such questions as: In what ways does Maria Montessori’s philosophy lead to greater awareness of the role of our human species in the maintenance of our home, the Earth?

Journey to Sacred Montessori – a complementary, online symposium, open to the public.

Starting December 1, 2017

Join us! The seminar is online and asynchronous, meaning, you can join the dialogue at any time during the 10-day period.

“The Art of Spiritually Approaching The Child…”

“Spiritual attraction is the force that can save humanity. Instead of being merely bound by material interests we need to feel this attraction to each other. These spiritual forces always exist around us, just as the cosmic rays exist in the universe. They are the Children! If our soul is far from the child, then we see only his small body, just as we see the star in the sky as a little shining point when it is really an immensity of heat and light. The art of spiritually approaching the child, from whom we are too far, is a secret that can establish human brotherhood; it is a divine art that will lead to the peace of mankind.”

~Maria Montessori

Journey to Sacred Montessori Symposium

Join TIES Faculty for an engaging, online dialogue around the spiritual aspects of the Montessori philosophy. TIES Academic Dean, Philip Snow Gang, weaves his own personal story as a keeper of Maria Montessori’s vision for education as revealed through first hand accountings.

Whether you are a seasoned Montessori guide, a student of her teachings, or a parent, we invite you to bring your voice to this dialogue centered on the essence of her vision.

PD credits available.

Go here to join in the dialogue.


Subtle Influence

School is in session and the online dialogues are flowing here at TIES. Many of us have asked ourselves how we can be of better service to our fellow humans, that we might start a “butterfly effect” and bring a bit more healing and peace to the planet.

John Briggs and F. David Peat talk about “subtle influence” in their 1999 book Seven Life Lessons of Chaos: Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change. They say,

“Our attitude and being forms the climate others live in, the atmosphere they breathe… If we’re genuinely happy, positive, thoughtful, helpful, and honest, this subtly influences those around us. Everybody knows this when it comes to kids. Kids respond to who you are far more than to what you say.”

How, as educators, might we empower ourselves and others to use our “subtle influence” to bring about peace?

How might listening and being authentically compassionate support this effort? What are some ways we could listen a little longer, open to the unknown a bit more and be curious? We have witnessed many tragedies of late. How can we be brave in situations in which resignation or blame feel like the easier path?

-Anonymous Student

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