Philip Snow Gang, Core Faculty and Cofounder of TIES

Philip Gang, Montessori Program Core Faculty

Professor Gang is Academic Dean for the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program and author of Rethinking Education and Conscious Education: The Bridge To Freedom. He is the developer of Our Planet, Our Home, a hands-on material for exploring relationships on Earth. He also appears in Russell DeCarlo’s anthology, Towards a New World View: Conversations at the Leading Edge.

After a ten-year career in engineering and business, Gang returned to school to become a Montessori teacher. He has been a Montessori school head, consultant and educator of teachers. In 1978 he helped initiate the National Erdkinder Consortium – a group dedicated to founding Montessori secondary schools.

In the early 90’s Gang was on the faculty of California Institute of Integral Studies as a professor-mentor to students engaged in doctoral studies in the School of
Transformative Learning. This was the first collaborative on-line program of its kind.

Today, Gang’s major interest is exploring eco-cosmological patterns and their implications for the human journey.

Philip Snow Gang Ph.D.
AMI 6-12 Training 1973
AMI 3-6 Training 1982



Marsha Snow Morgan, Core Faculty and Cofounder of TIES (1943-2017)

Marsha Snow Morgan, Montessori Program Core Faculty

Professor Morgan has worked as a Montessori teacher, school director, educator of Montessori teachers, consultant, and workshop leader. These initiatives have taken her through Europe, South America, North America and the Pacific Rim. In New Zealand she is on the Organic Cities Trust at Christchurch and a principal to the Kids Edible Garden Project – a program to place permaculture gardens in government school. She is the 1989 founder of Nova Montessori School, also in Christchurch.

The main focus of her work is perceiving systemic patterns in the design and creation of learning communities. She explains “We are storytellers, mythmakers and symbol designers. Addressing the present planetary crises through Montessori education may provide new possibilities for Gaian renewal.” Her graduate thesis was titled: “An Ecogenesis for Education: A Context for Learning.”

Philip and Marsha are also the creators of EarthTies, a virtual web-conferencing network promoting The Great Work.

Marsha Snow Morgan, MA



Throughout the Endicott-TIES M.Ed. in Montessori Integrative Learning students are exposed to creative thinkers that include: authors of the required books, specialists in the field, and graduates of the program. These people have experiences that provide in depth insights and extended learning.



John Fowler, Ph.D.

Montessori teacher and creator of the Time Line of Light Cosmological Curriculum for children and adults.



Enid Larsen, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Academic Programs at the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Endicott College.



Kathryn Ross, M.Ed.

2009 TIES graduate and Head of School at Children’s Garden Montessori School. Her Culminating Project, “Montessori and Reggio Together, Exploring Possibilities”, was recently awarded the best Master’s thesis award for 2009 from the American Montessori Society.



Julie Haagenson M.Ed.

Director of the Adolescent Experience Program at Montessori School of the Berkshires in Lenoxdale, Massachusetts and a 2009 TIES Graduate. Her Culminating Project was: Mutual Transformation in the Montessori Adolescent Classroom.



Steven Arnold, M.Ed.

University lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.

Recently completed: Travelling around the world in PEACE BOAT as a volunteer English teacher – 22 countries in 106 days on a floating University.



John Briggs, Ph.D.

Co-author of HarperCollins’ The Seven Life Lessons of Chaos, 1999 and English Professor at Western Connecticut State University



Lauren de Boer, M.A.

He is the former editor and executive director of EarthLight Magazine (1995-2005), a publication that explored the intersection of ecology, cosmology, consciousness, and spirituality. His essays, articles, and interviews have appeared in numerous anthologies and publications.



Mary Caroline Parker, M.Ed.

Recent Head of School at The Barbara Gordon Montessori School (BGMS) in Colleyville, Texas. She is currently a member of the board of AMI and also served as president of the board of the Montessori Institute of North Texas (MINT), an AMI teacher training center.





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