Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions




What is Integrative Learning?

The root word is from the Latin integratus , meaning to make whole, restored. Integrative Learning is a process that transcends the boundaries of traditional
education in a search for meaning beyond the separation of disciplines.

It incorporates a cosmological and ecological world-view that is interdisciplinary and socially transformative. It compels each of us to develop a systemic
approach to life… one that meets the global environmental, social and political challenges that we are now facing. It forms the bases for integrating your passionate interest within an context of developing a sustainable future.



How much time will this take?

The Masters in Integrative Learning is completed over three six-month semesters.

As for weekly requirements, that varies from person to person. However it is recommended that you clear your calendar for a minimum of 12 – 15 hours per week
for the duration of your studies.



What will this Degree give me?

Many adult students have studied for years and have become quite proficient in their particular field of interest. This program allows students to ground what
they already know within the framework of a larger body of knowledge.

Since there is an experiential learning component to the learning students have an opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning in a practical way. This
connection to outside research sites leads to new learning and may even lead to new employment possibilities.

Many students join the program for advancement within their current profession. The acquisition of an advanced degree is now a requirement in many occupations. Over the years our graduates have used their learning, and in particular, the Culminating Project, as a vehicle for promoting their ideas to wider audiences. Several Culminating Projects have achieved national recognition.



Other Questions

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