Masters in Montessori: Enrollment Criteria and Process

Requirements for admission include an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree from an accredited university, and answers to the written response questions that are part of the application process. Applicants also participate in a telephone interview conducted by a member of the core faculty.

We are looking for self-directed and disciplined learners who are interested in exploring the depths of Montessori’s contributions towards a new world-view through education. Although many students have no prior experience with online education, the Endicott-TIES online education environment becomes a seamless part of their graduate studies.

Self directed learners are capable of scheduling and maintaining their school and professional commitments. They are people of strong character, learn well through experience, and trust the discovery process.

After completing the on-line Application for Admission including the written responses, prospective students submit a copy of their official undergraduate or graduate transcripts.

Since the inception of the program in 1996 only three students have not been fully employed. The semester workload is organized in such a way that it enables busy professionals to enroll and graduate.



Course Schedule

New students enter the program in March and September.

We operate six-month continuous semesters. This enables participants to pace themselves while they are still employed.

It takes a minimum of three full semesters (18 months) to complete all requirements for graduation.



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