M.Ed Integrative Learning – Online Masters in Education degree

Online Masters in Education degree



Online Masters of Education degree

Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts has been offering an online Masters in Education degree since 1998. There are two options for this degree: M.Ed. in Integrative Learning and M.Ed. in Montessori Integrative Learning.

Both courses of study establish an educational context for the emerging social paradigm –one that evokes care for the planet and an understanding of how to bring about change. The Endicott-TIES online Masters in Education degree gives you an opportunity to earn a degree in three semesters.

If you enroll in this program you will participate with a community of learners from around the world. The course of study is hosted by a uniquely designed online education eCampus where students work in collaborative learning communities; where faculty are mentors and co-learners; where creativity and self-direction are valued; and where there is a an understanding of dialogue as process.

For more information on this experiential learning program please visit the
M.Ed. Montessori Integrative Learning pages.




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