Program Commentaries


Program Commentaries


The commentaries below are from students who have been enrolled in one of our three Montessori M.Ed. options: Montessori Graduate Studies for certified Montessori teachers; Montessori elementary teacher training; and, Montessori Leadership for heads of school, lead teachers and members of trusts.



Valerie Stevenson

Everyday, this online learning community continued to evolve, grow and change with respectful and caring support from one another and faculty. My learning provided me me a deep understanding of all aspects of Montessori education and the value and place it has for a changing world. Having gained an understanding of research in science, philosophy, psychology and education, the Endicott-TIES experience has shaped my ability to see the world from new perspectives. I feel I will not only become a better teacher but a better human being.

Valerie Stevenson
Vice Principal, Montessori Magnet School
Vancouver, Canada



Jack Comstock and Nisha Gupta

We enrolled in the Montessori Integrative Learning Program to expand our training to include ages 6 to 12. What we have received is so much more than that. Through the Montessori approach to adult education we have been engaged in a year and a half of deep and fulfilling exploration of the Montessori philosophy and practice. Exploring Cosmic Education from the perspective of the great visionaries of our times, the program has fundamentally altered the way we perceive our Universe and radically expanded our capacities for communicating this vision of Cosmic Education.

The online Integrative Seminars provided the opportunity to learn from our peers as well as gain wisdom from direct dialogue with the authors of the books we were reading. Working online has allowed us to participate in a way that is flexible and creative with our lives and provided an experience much richer than the traditional classroom setting. The depth of exploration and expansion of the Montessori philosophy in this program far exceeds that of our previous training and has helped us become more centered as individuals and as Montessori Educators for any age child.

Jack Comstock and Nisha Gupta
Montessori Teachers
New York, USA



Dalia Punsky

TIES served as a window to a place that was previously hidden from my exploration: a place of wonder, a place of awe, a place of comprehension, acceptance and respect. In this program I found a refuge, a secure area where I felt comfortable to open my heart and follow my inner guidance. It was a place where questions were accepted, thoughts not judged and exploration of new ideas always welcome.

The connections I have formed with my fellow students are connections I never thought would exist on an on-line program. It felt as if our community was seeing each other every day, and in a way, we were — perhaps not in person. We have all exposed our thoughts and became part of a whole that will always be present. We have built connections that will forever remain even if we never see each other.

Dalia Punsky
Montessori Teacher
Texas, USA



Mary Ellen Mauntz

Having been involved in Montessori education for more than 30 years in the classroom, in the head office and in the teacher preparation field, I was thrilled when there was finally a way to earn my M.Ed. with an emphasis on Montessori. Without question this was one of the richest intellectual periods in my life. The required readings on Montessori and the new sciences have been stimulating and the communication of our deepest thoughts among fellow students in the dialogues has been an experience I have never had in any classroom before.

The freedom to take what we have learned and create our own meaningful projects has been a challenging but most fulfilling opportunity. All that I have learned about how Montessori works for children has been exemplified for us as adult learners in this program.

I cannot recommend this program highly enough. It takes distance learning to a new standard and it is richly rewarding in so many ways, both personally and professionally.

Mary Ellen Maunz
Director of Montessori Training
Montana, USA



Nanette Glencer

For the first time in my life, I felt educated. My previous educational experiences afforded me the opportunity to learn many facts in isolation. A few professors connected their classes to the larger world, but these classes were separate from the others. While I’ve always known that there was something bigger than the experience I was having, I couldn’t put it together. Having gained this understanding through TIES, I am sharing this type of learning with children. If young people can have the experience they will be inspired and have the intrinsic motivation to pursue the answers to their questions.

I have taken the things I learned and communicated it with the members of my community. I know my responsibilities as a human to improve the way I interact with my environment and my home planet Earth. I am more active in the issues that concern the environment and its inhabitants.

Nanette M. Glencer
Montessori Administrator and Teacher
Michigan, USA



Aaron Zaynab

The Endicott-TIES program provided me with a uniquely structured forum to study the Montessori teachings in the context of more recent scientific insights — within an online community of co-learners. Through an integrated process of collective dialogue and individual study, practice and self-reflection, I found that spiritual teachings, Montessori philosophy and scientific discovery converged in directing the educator to exemplify and foster the “new human” who, as described by Montessori, consciously live, learn and work in a harmonious relationship with the Earth and its inhabitants. The experience redefined Montessori’s plan of Cosmic Education for today, for the adult and the child.

Aaron Twaddell
Montessori Teacher
Ohio, USA



Terri Domitrovich

As a 40 something stay at home mom for ten years, holding a bachelor’s degree did not seem a sufficient credential for a soon to be Montessori school administrator/teacher. This program provided me with an opportunity to remain with my family while achieving a highly qualifying graduate degree paralleling my secondary course enrollment at Houston Montessori Center.

I have never worked so hard, nor been so fulfilled, while pursuing a course of serious, academic study. The demands of the integrative process of reading/annotating assigned texts, engaging in online seminars, and completing papers were truly a life transforming experience. The unique combination of written texts, audio elements, and graphics provided incredible material to synthesize and to challenge current ways of thinking.

As students weaved their own understandings into this process, a conscious group awareness seemed to spontaneously evolve. While it is a challenge to juggle family time and online time, the benefits of this program far outweigh the sacrifices needed to complete the course of study.

Terri Domitrovich
Montessori Consultant and Teacher
Montessori Charter School, Nevada, USA



Andrew Humphries

The TIES M.Ed is not your typical Masters program, as it is framed as a personal journey of growth and development. Many of the readings are from contemporary authors who do not have a background in education. My time spent with TIES was a great learning experience as I discovered how to become part of a dialogue group on-line. Philosophically speaking, it provides time to reflect before responding.

Kathleen Miszuk
Montessori Teacher
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico



Cynthia Burns

As my experience unfolded I began to realize that this graduate program design was very similar to the classrooms that I had created for my students based on the Montessori approach.

Professionals who are engaged in this M.Ed. find that they are easily able to blend their work and academic lives. The virtual campus is an intimate classroom setting that encourages ideas to be presented, shared and built upon by all participants.

My thesis, as well as my entire graduate focus is directly related to my professional life.

Cynthia Burns
Former Montessori School Head
Hawaii USA



Michelle Muggridge

When I was applying to the Montessori Integrative Learning program, I expected to learn a great deal about the Montessori approach and philosophy. I am learning this, but even more, I am learning about myself, my purpose and the wonders of the universe. I am becoming a better contributor to my environment and a better citizen of the world. All of these things needed to happen so that I can become a better educator. I love this program and the many individuals that I “meet” every day.

Michelle Muggridge
French Immersion Teacher
Nova Scotia, Canada



Carolyn Magnussen

Co-learning with other committed educators about ecoliteracy, systemic thinking, sustainable culture, and communication gave me new impetus to help transform my Montessori class.

Carolyn Magnussen
Montessori Directress
Oslo Norway



Babeth Fassa

I am very happy being part of this program. It is true Montessori education because it is Cosmic Education. We have the same kind of learning environment that we try to prepare for the children. We have teachers/professors who do not interrupt but from whom we can feel a kind and constant awareness. The syllabus is broad, deep and thought provoking. The opportunity of living this integrated experience is much more than the acquisition of knowledge; it is a formative experience, which is bringing me important enrichment in my worldview.

Bebeth Fassa
Montessori Consultant
Porta Allegre, Brazil



Joan Tansi

What is most remarkable about this program is the learning community. No other graduate schools offer the integrated course work as well as the cosmic perspective in Montessori.

Joan Tansi
Montessori Teacher
Massachusetts USA



Tay Duckworth

The cosmic context must be the new paradigm for life, – including teaching and learning. Within this context are the interrelated topics: integrative learning, ecological literacy, contextual thinking, and dialogue.

For me, integral learning is experiencing how everything is interdependent; or it can mean learning in an “everything is related” way. The ultimate view of integrative learning would be a combination of both of these simultaneously. That is what happened for me in the M.Ed. program: learning how everything is interrelated, or integrated, IN an integrated manner.

Taylor Duckworth
Public School Montessori Teacher
Connecticut USA



Dan Marchione

When I reflect on my experience in the TIES program I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work in this learning environment. It challenges you to think of your pedagogy in a whole new light. Since dedicated educators and a knowledgeable faculty support your efforts, the challenging online experiences, reading, and research add immeasurably to your professional practice. I know this because as a childhood Montessori alumnus and adult Montessori educator, I now see the unfolding of this great work.

Dan Marchione
Middle School Principal
Texas, USA



Jessica Duncan

The TIES experience has been personally enlightening, which is quite honestly not what I was initially expecting when I began my enrollment. To undergo my Master’s has always been a personal goal, but the mind-shift that has already transpired within me is something I not only didn’t expect but also am whole-heartedly appreciating and embracing.

Simply put, I am abundantly grateful for this program and the opportunity you have given us to engage as a community and dialogue as a unit.

Imanthi Nanayakkara
Montessori Teacher
Ontario, Canada



Connie Laufersky

Completing my Master’s through the TIES – Endicott program has been a deeply fulfilling experience. As a Montessori teacher, I was looking for a learning environment that was unique, and embraced the uniqueness of its participants as well. I found I was comfortably able to express my views and perceptions while listening to the views and perceptions of others. The program is designed to meet the needs of individual students, in a very “Montessori” approach.

I also found the curriculum challenged me, not only intellectually, but emotionally and spiritually. I have grown as a person, a teacher and a student while
many of the things I’ve learned will integrate into all areas of my life.

Connie Laufersky
Middle School teacher
Texas, USA



rocio rodriquez

I had the privilege of studying in an integrative way as my studies were not divorced from reality, but brought to awareness and revealed in ordinary life. The use of dialogue as a method of communication allowed me to shift my thinking and to evaluate sources critically while understanding opposing views without prejudgment or misunderstanding.

Rocio Rodriquez
Montessori Elementary teacher
Puerto Rico



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