Masters in Montessori


Masters in Montessori


M.Ed Masters in Montessori

This accredited online Masters in Montessori was developed in 1996 by The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. The Masters in Montessori faculty is led by internationally recognized Montessori professionals, Marsha Snow Morgan and Philip Snow Gang.

If you enroll in the Masters in Montessori, you will discover how the Montessori approach establishes an educational context for the emerging social paradigm, one that evokes care for the planet and an understanding of how to bring about change.

There are three options in the Masters in Montessori:

Emphasis Area for Practitioners:
Previously certified Montessori teachers choose a particular focus to supplement the core syllabus. Students explore their Emphasis Area through the lens of Montessori Integrative Learning.

Elementary Teacher Preparation:
Designed for individuals who do not have a Montessori credential and have access to Montessori classes. Many who enroll in this option have either been a classroom assistant or have been working as a Montessori teacher without any formal preparation. Others are people who can only access Montessori teacher training through an online environment, or administrators who need this background to carry out their responsibilities.

School Leadership:
This course of study is designed for lead teachers, heads of school, principals and members of school boards. The preparation of the adult who has leadership responsibilities in a Montessori school is dynamically different in scope to ones engaged in other forms of education.

For more information on the Masters in Montessori please visit theĀ M.Ed. Montessori Integrative Learning pages.




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