Students and Alumni


Students and Alumni



Student Profile

Students enrolled in the Endicott-TIES Masters Programs represent diverse careers, ages and interests. The youngest student is 23 and the oldest was a grandmother of 70. They come from diverse professional areas. Some of their post graduation interests include social activism, teaching at the university level and furthering their education in doctoral programs. Some are consultants, corporate trainers, teachers and administrators. All have a keen desire make a contribution to the Earth community and to explore the personal as well as professional dimensions that permeate the essence of learning.

Although new to eCampus learning, it is hard to keep most students away from the virtual campus — even during regularly scheduled break times. Success in the program is directly related to active participation, responsible scheduling and self-discipline.



Location of Students

Algiers, Algeria
Canberra, Australia
The Bahamas
Porto Alegre, Brasil
Nova Scotia, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Santiago, Chile
Sanfernado, Columbia
Sorø, Denmark
Guyaquil, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador
Cairo, Egypt
London, England
Vinsobers, France
Wetzel, Germany
Depok, Indonesia
Jerusalem, Israel
Chieri, Italy
Tokyo, Japan
Suwon, Korea
Riga, Latvia
Nouakchatt, Mauritania
Culiacan, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Kathmandu, Nepal
Christchurch, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Oslo, Norway
Dakar, Senegal
Aleppo, Syria
Istanbul, Turkey
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Straud, United Kingdom
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Vancouver, Canada
Campinas, Brazil
Markham ON, Canada
Scarborough ON, Canada
Vancouver BC, Canada
Victoria BC, Canada
Tehran, Iran
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Tauranga, New Zealand
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Plus 47 States including Alaska and Hawaii












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