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The Institute for Educational Studies collaborative with Endicott College began in 1996. This newsletter is our initial attempt to bring students and graduates together and share information about how the program has served and is serving its student base.

We would also like this newsletter to be a place for sharing events and articles that are congruent with the themes expressed in our first article below.

Philip Snow Gang


experiencial learning

What is Integrative Learning?

Our present education paradigm is based on the intellectual culture of the enlightenment and the economic structure of the Industrial Revolution. It therefore resembles a manufacturing process that “delivers” products based on the perceived needs of a consumer society.

It is our perspective that an entirely new context for education is needed. That context is based on: 1) a deep comprehension that the welfare of the individual is directly linked to the welfare of the whole, and that 2) people need to understand the consequences of living in a culture that is transitioning into a resource-limited paradigm.

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Student Comments

The following comments are from graduates of our Masters programs both in Integrated Learning and Montessori Integrative Learning.

We welcome other graduates and students to share their journey in a similar way.



Julio Enrique Gavilanes, M.Ed

Assistant Professor – Tourism Program Coordinator
School of Tourism
Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral
Guayaquil, Ecuador

When I completed the TIES-Endicott program, I was employed by the same university where I am currently working. After I graduated I received a promotion to an Assistant Professor, a fully tenured position.

In addition to my teaching, I also work as the Tourism Studies Program Coordinator, where I am involved in research into tourism planning and development.

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Mary Ellen Maunz, M.Ed.

Past Member of the Board of Directors for MACTE
Director of Training, Age of Montessori

My TIES-Endicott experience was the most significant educational experience of my life. After several years of searching for a master’s program that actually interested me, I found a program that perfectly fit my needs. I could stay at home with my teenage children; I could work full time and I could get the degree I sought. I am a lifelong learner and I immediately found that the community of learners we created during the course was far richer than any in-person learning environment I had ever experienced. It was exciting and inspiring to select my thesis based on my passion rather than someone else’s idea of what I should study.

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Nerys Loveridge

United Arab Emirates

I have been working in the Middle East for nearly seven years at International Schools and as a teacher-trainer for the UAE Ministry of Education. I am trained and experienced in the UK National Curriculum. I was drawn to studying for an M.Ed. for similar reasons to most people: I was experienced as a practitioner and needed further stimulation and professional development, and I also knew that an M.Ed. would entitle me to a pay rise! After searching extensively through many online programmes, I settled on the Integrative Learning course because it complemented my own

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