Julio Enrique Gavilanes

Student Comments

The following comments are from graduates of our Masters programs both in Integrated Learning and Montessori Integrative Learning.

We welcome other graduates and students to share their journey in a similar way.


Julio Enrique Gavilanes, M.Ed

Assistant Professor – Tourism Program Coordinator
School of Tourism
Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral
Guayaquil, Ecuador

When I completed the TIES-Endicott program, I was employed by the same university where I am currently working. After I graduated I received a promotion to an Assistant Professor, a fully tenured position.

In addition to my teaching, I also work as the Tourism Studies Program Coordinator, where I am involved in research into tourism planning and development. At the end of the last year, I prepared a training program for a local community that included four months of learning about sustainable tourism, food literacy and food safety, among other areas. It was a very enriching period as well as an opportunity to be involved with local communities.

I am currently looking for a rigorous PhD program in tourism or a related area. I have applied for a doctoral fellowship, and I am still waiting for the response. My research proposal is linked with the Culmination Project I did at TIES-Endicott. I want to explore creative, responsible, and ecologically-minded forms of tourism. Hopefully, the scholarship will come soon.

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