Introduction to Montessori Radical Education

Marsha Morgan and Philip Gang’s CD-ROM

Now available as a free web friendly edition.


The fundamental principle in education is the correlation of all subjects and their centralisation in the cosmic plan.
Maria Montessori


It is difficult to argue with the conclusion that much of the educational process that takes place throughout the industrial world is directly tied to the destruction of Earth’s life. Our schools and universities were designed to produce individuals who can fit into and make more efficient the work of transforming the planet into commodities that quickly fill up our waste dumps. Maria Montessori was one of the rare geniuses who created an alternative educational process that aimed at placing the young child at the center of the universe. Her work and the networks of educational practise she established offer perhaps the most promising way into a new era of humanity, and with Phil and Marsha’s ‘Radical Montessori’ we have an updated version for our new century.

Brian Swimme, Ph.D.
Mathematical Cosmologist

Author of: “The Universe is a Green Dragon”, “The Universe Story” and “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos”.

This CD brings Maria Montessori and her wonderful work to vibrant new life in our present context when it is more needed than ever.

Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD
Evolution Biologist

Author of “Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution” and “A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us”.

As an administrator, teacher, workshop consultant, and college professor in Montessori education for the past 23 years I have seen very little in the field that deserves to be associated with what is radical. Marsha and Phil’s work not only deserves a mention… it is about to steal the conversation.

John Fowler, Ph.D.
Montessori Teacher, Denver Public Schools

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